How to Use Your Addverb Bottle

This page is intended to help you get the most out of your Addverb Bottle. Other helpful locations for information are (FAQ) and (VIDEO to come!). Also, please ask any questions you may have at

 1. Write your workout - Use the Addverb Areas to write your workout on your Addverb Bottle. Write your workout? Use a recommended marker to write the details of your planned workout on the Addverb Areas. It can be anything! Directions for a run or a ride. Sets and reps for swimming or lifting. Warm-up and workout for CrossFit. Motivation for your effort. Ideas to emphasis or focus on. Or anything you can think of!

2. Crush it - The hardest part. Go out and train as hard as you can (or train easily depending upon where you are in your training). Put into action what you wrote on your Addverb Bottle.  

3. Erase - This is the magic. Put some rubbing alcohol (recommended: 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol) on an cotton ball or paper towel to wipe away your workout from the Addverb Areas. Rubbing the Addverb Areas with small circular motions is recommended.

4. Repeat - After you get your Addverb Areas cleaned up, wash out your Addverb Bottle (top rack in the dishwasher is fine), and then rest. Get back to it again.