Addverb Bottles on the Circus Life! March 31 2014

We're stoked that @JustinTrawick of the @TheCircusLifeDC invited us on to talk about our bottles and our little company! We spent time talking with the very talented DC artist @levistephens and the multi-talented, pie-enthusiast @SincerelyPete.

Here's @JustinTrawick in the studio looking at @levistephens:

Here's @JustinTrawick and @levistephens looking at @SincerelyPete, of whom I didn't get a picture of (Sorry Sarah!): 


Check out Episode #35, out now on and on itunes!


Friends! March 27 2014

A #crossfit #workout from one of our friends!

The Addverb bottle really finishes his home gym well, right?

New Partnership with Disrupt Fitness March 11 2014

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Disrupt Fitness to offer their clients and trainers a 20% discount on all orders! Look for a promo code in your email!

Disrupt Fitness is a web site platform that offers clients a way to search for, manage, and engage trainers. In addition, Disrupt Fitness enhances a trainer’s business, by taking the hassle out of running a business.
Disrupt Fitness does this by offering trainers a website platform, client marketing, fee management, analytics, and organized benefits for their clients.

Disrupt Fitness is THE one-stop shop for clients, allowing them to research, review, and book all of their fitness needs in one place. With Disrupt Fitness the need for multiple gym memberships is a thing of the past!

And, check this out: Disrupt Fitness is having free yoga classes for the rest of March and into April starting March 12. Power Vinyasa Yoga with Michael Shrader for free on March 12, 19, 26, and April 2 at 6:30a at Saffron Studios, 3260 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA 22201. See here for details and RSVP!

Available soon! March 06 2014

Who wouldn't want a technical tshirt to go with their bottle? These are the lightweight-tshirt-feeling-style technical tshirts. They'll be available soon!

Featured on! February 27 2014

Check out this nice little story from our friends over at

"Customizable Water Bottle Company Launches in Arlington"

Spin workout! February 08 2014

@Bonzai Sports this morn for a #spin #workout with DC T3 Multisport - T3 HONU. Great ride! (We know there were no verbs written on the bottle, but we guarantee there were verbs definitely performed!)

Women's CX World Champion! February 01 2014

Congrats Vos!!! RT @: The old-new crosses the line @  (Oh! and great photo by @!!!)

Neither snow nor rain... January 21 2014

@USPS #snowday

It's Bottle Time! January 06 2014

Introducing Addverb Bottle Company! 

We developed Addverb Bottles to help athletes (and others!) train to their best. You're not going to have a great workout if you can't remember what you were going to do!

We're building this business from scratch and figuring out things as we go along. For example, we're trying our best to figure out shipping costs - we've got it down to $6 for 1 Addverb Bottle and $12 for up to 4 Addverb Bottles. (We think we need a scale so we can ship from home! And, and that should decrease costs.)

Also trying to figure out product packaging and how to make this darn website pretty/professional. But, the bottles are ready, and so we must be ready too! And, so, we're putting it out there and opening up shop! 

Welcome. And, please, contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. 

It'd also be pretty cool if you followed us on twitter at @addverbboco and like us on facebook at

Thanks so much!